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Carpets check off all boxes as the element of comfort for any home or any space. It is known to make us feel better when we set foot and also helps with sound transmission. It is also a touch of luxury and a warm-home center for a home. But, carpet fibers are porous and need good care to look neat and fresh all the time. If not cleaned regularly it can reduce indoor air quality too.

A Carpet Maintenance Program   

Making a scheduled carpet maintenance program and sticking to them is vital. It will improve the health of the occupant, indoor air quality, and comfort. A schedule should mainly be based on foot traffic. Depending on light traffic and heavy traffic areas, carpets are maintained. In general terms it all comes down to vacuuming, steam cleaning, having a separate walk-off mat for high-frequency areas.

Filtration, Extraction, and Encapsulation

Apart from vacuuming regularly and hot water extraction from time to time, filtration of a high degree is also an important factor. A rug cleaning in Sydney, experts say,  high traffic areas should be vacuumed every night and fewer traffic areas need cleaning only once a week. Extraction is another technique when hot water is put on the carpet along with cleaning chemicals that can suck up the dirt. Encapsulation involves chemicals wrapped around the dirt on using vacuum gets cleaned up. Intensive extraction is a good technique and dry encapsulation is easier but both have equal effects.

Impacts on Health

Carpets hold dirt, pollen, humidity, and mites. It makes the place very unwelcoming if not maintained properly. There are chances of olfactory discomfort, headaches, and irritability that come along with an unclean carpet. We can also see a decrease in the quality of air inside the house which will lead to allergies.

Importance of regular cleaning

Carpets have had less food traffic since everybody started working from home, this led building contractors to decide to cut costs in regular yearly carpet cleaning. But professionals in upholstery cleaning Sydney recently on a study found out that dust settles more when not cleaned leading to reducing the lifespan of the carpet. Restoration from such damage will be expensive. It is, therefore, very important to clean the dust that has settled for months in such locked-up places.

Building Service 

Many commercial spaces have carpeted areas to give a welcoming and enhanced look for the office space. These areas have seen a significant decrease in the hiring of cleaning services since the pandemic started. Pandemic restrictions pushed all these to the least priority as the rules tightened. This is a serious issue for the service agents to deal with later if they are ignorant on cleaning of carpets. Experts say carpet cleaning is important for a well-maintained facility.

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