Water Damage and Fast Restoration Service

water damageIf you have water damage to your carpeting or throughout your home we can extract and totally dry your premises. What this means is

Once the area is almost ready we test and measure for residual moisture with our moisture testing devices (hydro-sensor) to be 100% sure the carpet, flooring, and walls are bone dry.

To receive an immediate, super-fast response call us directly on 0451 881 886 and I will stop what I am doing and organise to start drying your carpets today.

Please remember there are many people who claim to be in the water damage restoration industry but very few truly have qualifications or the expensive tools to do the job properly. If the underlay and sub-flooring (under the underlay) is not left completely dry you will soon discover mould growing. With mould comes musty spells and carpet rot. Additionally, by not investing in a properly qualified water damage expert you could find what you thought was an initial investment has become a very expensive exercise.

Avoid the problems and challenges associated with water damage… Call the professionals today on 0451 881 886

Water damage doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when it’s a large commercial area over multiple levels, you just need the services of an experienced professional to coordinate it for you.

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