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uphoslteryIf you are looking for a genuine, honest, and trustworthy technician to look after your upholstery cleaning then the next few seconds could save you quite a bit of money.  Just like most genuine and qualified upholstery cleaners we also pre-condition your upholstery, steam clean it using only top of the line truck mounted machines we deodorise, sanitise, treat any stains and totally rinse the fabric but there is something we do that almost every other upholstery cleaner in Sydney doesn’t do and it’s vital to a proper clean and that is… We invest the extra time needed to clean and rinse your upholstery properly.

You see, we never book to many jobs in one day because we know it takes substantial time to clean anything properly. If there are to many jobs booked in there is no way one can possibly invest the time needed to deliver honest and quality results. We don’t believe in rushing jobs.

If this is making sense and you would like someone to come out and deliver quality results when cleaning your upholstery (not rushed) then I invite you to give me a call today on 0407 177 055  and it will be my absolute pleasure to organise a time that is suitable for you. 

My name is Bill Morris and I am the owner of The Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney and as the owner, I complete all the cleaning myself. You might agree that hired staff or contractors may not have the incentive to deliver the same quality as the owner of a cleaning business. As the owner I don’t just want your business this time, I want you to keep coming back year after year and recommending others you know to my cleaning services. The only way I can do that is if I impress you with the quality I deliver now.

So, Here is another very good reason you might want to choose me to look after your upholstery cleaning… I back ‘all’ my cleaning work with a rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee. If I can’t clean your upholstery and make it look and feel clean then I will give you all of your money back. The most important thing here is that I am prepared to put this guarantee in writing. Oh, sure others may say they guarantee their work but what does that mean? I guarantee it and I put my guarantee in writing. See my guarantee here or click on Our Guarantee in the menu of this website.

With that being said I look forward to meeting you and making your upholstery look, smell, and feel soft, clean and fresh again.

Quality Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney

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