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About us

Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney is now one of the leading national Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning companies in Sydney.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney is a family owned company, operating Sydney wide. We are a small but experienced team of well-trained professional technicians who have been through proper certified training and examination to provide you with the most satisfying service and cleaning results possible.

We specialise in different types of services with residential and commercial cleaning, always using the most suitable technique from steam cleaning to dry compounds.

We at Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney offer a variety of services for residential needs, such as:

  • wall to wall carpet cleaning,
  • area rug cleaning,
  • antique rugs cleaning,
  • special rugs cleaning (Persian, handmade and others),
  • upholstery cleaning,
  • leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Fire and water damage and restoration

Including all other house and office cleaning services.

All our services are provided with self-neutralizing cleaning chemicals that are also non-toxic and bio-degradable, leaving your carpets and upholstery clean and fresh again.

For commercial needs we also provide a line of specialty services, starting from carpet cleaning to complete business maintenance.

Problems To Be Aware of When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

  • Poor time-keeping… An average 3bedroom home will take approximately 2hr to clean properly and thoroughly.
  • Individual operative are often self-employed contractors and tend to be overbooked hence they often turn up late. Schedule integrity.
  • Over promising. If it looks too good to be true it probably is.
  • Unqualified – but even many qualified carpet cleaners are just doing what they always did.
  • No guarantee or assurance. Some things just don’t come out. Red cordial, etc.
  • 50% of cleaners these days carry no insurance. Be sure to sight a cleaner’s current certificate of insurance before hiring them.
  • Wrong materials – hi-alkaline cleaner on wool will permanently yellow an expensive carpet.
  • High heat on stain resistant man-made fibres can curdle the pattern.
  • Treating suede lounges wrongly. Corduroy/velvet can’t stand heat. To reupholster a 5 seater lounge is approximately $3.5k
  • Getting a bad operator back when it goes wrong. Big agencies set up a booking office for carpet-cleaning – hire backpackers and when you call to complain they say: “ WE’RE JUST A BOOKING OFFICE”. With us you are hiring the owner.
  • Bad cleaning shortens life according to Shaw Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of carpets.


  • Leave cleaning too long – grit accelerated wear (sand, beach suburbs)
  • Major stain – immediate treatment
  • Never rub – dab
  • Don’t allow to dry – moist towel
  • Wine – salt does work – but tends to dry, so care – also ‘wicking up’ after you think it’s clean.
  • Coffee – worst on natural fibre – don’t rub, blot. Call cleaner, try to keep in moist.
  • Oil – detergents will only get you so far. Need solvents – professional help.
  • Food dyes – eg cordial – keep it moist or will be permanent
  • Blood – protein
  • Bacteria – infants – mist dilute disinfectant over the carpet.


  • Extraction
  • Blowers
  • Industrial dehumidifier – hygrometer. Telstra executive Vaucluse – expensive paintings ruined due to moisture.

Overhaul of premises – renters, etc. outgoing tenant needs to know if carpet can be cleaned or he’s wasting his time/money

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