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Rug Cleaning SydneyYour dirty rugs can be trusted in the hands of professionals.

Yes we use high powered truck mount equipment, yes we utilise top of the line chemicals, yes we clean and rinse rugs with the utmost care, yes we deodorise, sanitise, treat the stains and yes we do all the things that everyone claims to do and we also do something that almost all the others don’t… Here’s what we do that’s so different from all the others.

rug cleaning comparisonWe invest the extra time needed to do the job properly. Because we never book to many jobs in one day we invest the additional time it takes to clean rugs properly and help to make them look new again. We are so confident we can clean your rugs better than anyone else that we will give you 100% of your money back if we don’t. If we are unable to clean your rugs then we don’t expect to be paid.

Rug Wash Specialists Sydney

My name is Bill Morris and I’ve been in the cleaning industry and cleaning rugs since 2005. With a list of cleaning certificates under my belt and genuine before and after photos from my client’s testimonials I trust you will feel comfortable in contacting me to care for the cleaning of your rugs. From routine rug wash in Sydney to specialised rug care, we can do it all.

My personal promise to you is that if I can’t make your rugs look clean, smell fresh and feel softer I will give you your money back… Can you think of anything fairer than that?

More importantly, I am prepared to put that promise in writing.

Many cleaners say they guarantee their work but what does that mean? When it comes down to the nitty-gritty they guarantee nothing… I guarantee everything. My guarantee is on almost every page of this website. Try asking a cleaner to make a guarantee like that and then to put it in writing… I do
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Rug Cleaning Sydney wide with free pickup & delivery

As the owner of The Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney, I do all the cleaning myself. You never have to worry if a subcontractor or hired help are cleaning your rugs because I know how subcontractors and workers will never give you the same quality that the owner is dedicated to delivering. As the owner, I want to do everything I can to ensure you keep coming back to use my cleaning services year after year and that’s one of the reasons I always make sure I personally do the rug cleaning in Sydney.

Call today and book your rug cleaning in Sydney with Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney on 0407 177 055 and it will be my absolute pleasure to care for the cleaning of your rugs. We also offer Sydney-wide FREE pickup and delivery! Sit back and relax, let us do all the heavy lifting.

Call today and book your rug cleaning with a name you can trust… book with The Rug Cleaning Professionals Sydney on 0407 177 055 and it will be my absolute pleasure to care for the cleaning of your rugs.

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