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Cleaning is an integral part of staying healthy. Carpets in your house must be also cleaned. It is a health hazard otherwise. Having clean carpets keeps away diseases and gives an overall good impression on your overall family hygiene. Here are some methods used by professional carpet cleaners.

Hot Water Extraction

Commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney majorly uses the hot water extraction method for better results. It is also called steam cleaning. The process starts with a machine that forces steam into the carpet and sucks it back along with all the debris and dirt on the carpet. It can also remove stains.  A cleaning liquid is used along with the hot water. When the water is hot it helps in slackening the dirt off the carpet. The moisture and dirt are then instantly cleared. In situations where the carpet is soiled heavily, a strong detergent is used to remove it. Steam cleaning kills bacteria and removes the odor.


One of the oldest and commonly used rug wash in Sydney techniques is shampooing. A carpet-friendly solution is poured into the carpet. It is then brushed off using a machine gently moving it around. It is then left to dry and the solution separates from the carpet when dry enough. A vacuum cleaner does a good job of removing the dried-up cleaning solution.

Dry Cleaning

This process uses no water. A sprinkler solution is sprinkled over the carpeted area and spread throughout the area until all places are covered. A mechanized brush is used for this process. The solution is very effective in getting the dirt out of the carpet. It is then vacuumed out using a powerful vacuum cleaner. It is one of the most effective methods and your carpet is back to use in a very short amount of time.

Bonnet Cleaning

In this method, carbonated water is added to an absorbent solution. It is then spread throughout the carpet area. A circular bonnet is run over the carpet. It is used widely but this method is not effective when the client requires a deep cleaning. There are chances some dirt and debris are left behind in this technique. This method can be a regular cleaning one during the deep cleaning intervals.


It uses synthetic detergents which when dried crystallized. This leads to loosened dirt particles in the carpet which can be easily brushed off or vacuumed for clean carpets. Carpet shampooing was overtaken by this method. This method uses much less water compared to shampooing. The carpet gets dried off easily and will not be of any inconvenience as other conventional methods required more drying time.

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