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Carpet cleaning is a confusing subject for many. There are several do’s and don’ts that people really cannot figure out properly most of the time. Apart from that, we have many myths surrounding the carpet cleaning methods that individuals follow. Here are some top myths about carpet cleaning and the real truth behind such misconceptions.

  1. Frequency of cleaning can ruin the carpet

We come across this advice very often. But the truth is a dirty carpet cannot last as long as a clean carpet. Dirt on the carpet, if left for long, can lead to easy damage to the carpet. These specks of dirt if not cleaned accelerate the wearing of the carpet fiber. Every time the uncleaned carpet is being stepped on, dirt cuts into the fiber slowly damaging it. The professional carpet cleaning in Sydney advises that the longer you stall carpet cleaning the easier it will wear off.

  1. Dirt is the only reason to clean out a Carpet

There are things other than dirt that can get stuck inside carpets. They can be pollen, fungi, bacteria, or cigarette smoke. When anybody comes into your home, they come with bacteria, chemicals, on your clothes, shoes, and body. If you are somebody with breathing issues, it would be a better idea to handle these requirements through carpet cleaning in Sydney. A carpet that is not cleaned regularly can be the cause of illnesses around the house. So in addition to dirt, carpets should also be cleaned for fun, pollen, and chemicals that are brought in from the carpet users from outside.

  1. Steam Cleaning Causes Mold.

There is a myth that mold can take over your carpet if you steam clean very often. In reality, with steam cleaning, water does not go beyond the carpet pad or beyond that. This means there is no way a condition is created where moles can grow. In some extreme cases while cleaning if you over steam the carpet it can occur. It is wise to hire professionals you trust for the purpose of carpet and rug cleaning in Sydney.

  1. Carpets stay wet for days

It is a common misconception that carpets stay wet after the hot water extraction method is done on them. When done with proper cleaning methods, the carpet would dry in a few hours and it also depends on how the humidity level is at that particular region.

  1. Dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning.

The truth is, the hot water extraction method or the steam method is the most recommended by carpet cleaners as steam cleaning is a much more thorough alternative available. Hot water helps to clean and sanitize the carpet from bacteria, dirt, and much more.

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