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Carpets make the home cozy and enhance the interiors. They add depth to the character of the room and show the personality of the owner. Keeping the carpets clean and dirt-free is a difficult task as you have to worry about shoes in the house, having pets, kids, and a number of other reasons. Without you knowing dust mites and other allergens will also be present in these carpets. Here are some ways you can have a clean carpet in your household.

Vacuum your carpets daily

Vacuuming your carpets will not take up as much time as you think. Doing it regularly can keep you from having a dust-filled carpet. If you have kids and pets it is a must to clean the house and the carpeted area. Frequent vacuuming will reduce the soil buildup in your carpet.

Have a Vacuum with a bag

A cup filter or a dirtbag on your vacuum can double the suction power. When filters aren’t changed enough times the vacuum stops working. Change filters or the dirty bags often and you will have cleaner carpets for your house. Experts of carpet cleaning in Blacktown and other professional service providers follow the same method. Replace the vacuum bag when there are three-quarters filled up.

Vacuum at the right speed

Vacuum slowly so that all the dirt gets sucked up. In high traffic areas, move once quickly over and then slowly twice. This way you will have all the dirt taken away from the carpet. Carpet cleaning in Penrith suggests that vacuuming at the right speed will help better with cleaning and you do not have to worry about residual dirt in the carpet.

Use separate mats

To keep the dirt away use walk-off mats separately. Coarse structure on mats makes it easy to take off soil and keeps the carpet cleaner. You can also have water-absorbent mats to prevent having wet shoes on your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Most professionals suggest you do steam cleaning of your carpets so that it stays fresh. The carpet is first pre-treated with a solution and rinsed with another very hot rinse solution. After this high pressure is forced into the carpet and sucked out. You can either rent the machine and do it yourself or hire somebody to do it. But hiring a professional is needed every 12 to 18 months.

Remember you Get What You Pay For

When you are hiring a professional make sure that you take several estimates before you decide on one company. Doing the carpet cleaning once a year helps you be away from pollen and allergens. Make sure the carpets are vacuumed regularly and the steam cleaning is done at least twice a year.

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