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Around 80% of the dirt that enters your home is soil and the rest is oil, grease, and other stains. If you love having comfortable carpets in your place and want them to have a long-lasting life, here are some tips for you to keep them away from dirt and stains.

Optical Brighteners

Optical brighteners make the carpets look cleaner. But there are some harmful effects to it. Brightening agents are widely used in the cleaning industry despite the effects it has. It is still used in spot cleaning products, for extraction detergents, and dry form. Optical brighteners are dyes that reflect light and it will eventually cause slight yellowing of carpets. But it is great for instant stain cleaning and other purposes which keeps it still in the market.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is one of the most preferred and relied-on methods for carpet cleaning in penrith. Once a year, a professional cleaning company needs to be hired to clean the carpets. It helps in removing dirt deep inside the carpet and helps the carpet be fresh again. A clean carpet will only add value to your home. For a duration of 12 to 18 months, deep cleaning should be carried out. It will reduce pet hairs, stains, and other odors from the house.
Spots and spills

Spots and spoils need to be taken care of quickly. Most spills easily get removed by blotting. Just clean water and a towel can get most stains and spills removed if cleaned immediately. If the spots are hard to remove, you can use a cleaning product. If you feel that the spots and spills are hardbound to your tiles then hiring a professional tile cleaning in sydney is also a good idea.


In a carpeted house, if your pets are not properly trained, you will have trouble cleaning the carpet because of their shedding and dirty paws. Train them to have their paws wiped after entering the house and confine them to a space where they would spend more time. This will reduce traffic to an extent to other areas and thus less cleaning required for the carpeted area.

Additional rugs

Have an additional rug on the carpeted area where you spend time with your pets. Having an area rug will help you in getting the pets to spend time there. You should also be careful to use pet-friendly products to help with the cleaning of the carpets as cleaning agents with artificial ingredients might lead to issues for the pets. You should be careful using other types around your pets.


Encourage leaving the shoes outside the house and having doormats so that everyone cleans their shoes before entering the carpeted area. It will help you in having a longer life span for your carpets as they are expensive to replace or renew later. Keep your carpets clean by yourself or by hiring carpet cleaners.

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