Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Quality Results or It’s Free… Because we stand by our commercial carpet cleaning services with a 100% money-back guarantee there is no risk for you as our customer. Here at Steam Care Commercial Carpet Cleaning, we stand by our work with such a committed guarantee because we believe talk is cheap so we don’t just talk, we put it in writing and stand by it 100%.

Commercial Carpet CleaningBy putting a solid guarantee “in writing” it shows we have a commitment to delivering the very best quality carpet cleaning possible. Additionally, by tactfully managing many last-minute cleaning jobs to times that work for you the customer, we ensure that the cleaning job we are on is never rushed.

large commercial areasDue to the additional heat, pressure, suction, and quality cleaning chemicals we utilise we are able to clean better than most other carpet cleaners when cleaning heavier soiled commercial carpeting. Additionally, we take the extra time needed to deliver quality workmanship and we don’t rush around trying to complete six to ten jobs a day.

Let’s face it, if a cleaner isn’t prepared to invest substantial time cleaning then it doesn’t matter how good he or she is, or how powerful their equipment is, put simply the cleaning won’t be completed properly unless they invest the time needed to complete the job properly.

If this is all making sense, pick up the phone and drop us a line today on 0407 177 055 and ask for Bill Morris… I am the owner and I take most phone calls personally. It will be my absolute pleasure to help you with your carpet cleaning needs for your commercial premises no matter if it’s a small area or a multi-story building.

Restaurant Carpet CleaningSo what type of commercial cleaning have we completed successfully?

Hotels, motels, restaurants, banks, office blocks (large and small), factories, shops, schools, and all other commercial businesses.

We also offer commercial cleaning maintenance and contract cleaning on a regular basis, rug cleaning, and stain removal at a commercial level. We can work after our normal business hours of 6am – 7pm seven days a week if it is better for your needs. We are very flexible and we handle emergencies on the same day.

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