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Campbelltown MapWelcome to Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney, Sydney’s foremost carpet and soft furnishings cleaners. When Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney cleans your carpets and upholstery, it means they’re really clean, or it’s free!

The soft furnishings and floor coverings in your home or office are among the most costly to replace. These days they are made in a baffling variety of natural and manmade materials, often in combination. They are coloured with complex synthetic dyes. These materials and dyes have quite distinct staining properties, and to clean them satisfactorily demands a profound knowledge of their characteristics allied to long experience in handling them. In particular, if disasters are to be avoided, a comprehensive understanding of their unintended effects is indispensable. Using the wrong chemical agent (or using the right one incorrectly!) can result in irreversible damage.

But even if after the stain is removed, many of the strongest cleaning agents used today are toxic, and expertise and integrity are needed to ensure the premises are fit for habitation. At Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney we regard the job as incomplete until all toxic materials and vapours have been removed. In the case of flood, Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney employs purpose-built dehumidifying equipment to ensure the premises are thoroughly dried before handing them back to the customer.

Regular cleaning
Ordinary wear of a carpet will see the accumulation of grit and sand in the pile. This makes carpets in Sydney’s beach suburbs, for instance, wear much faster than in their landlocked neighbours. So even when it has suffered no major damage, a regular steam clean is a wise move.

Emergency cleaning
Whether a flood or just a major spillage on a prized carpet, when catastrophe strikes, taking immediate steps to care for the affected fabric can greatly improve the chances of a successful restoration. If you have a spill, call for help, and then visit our FAQ page for a guide to how you can help us to help you – before we even touch the job!

Why use Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney?
“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey” – attrib. John Ruskin
Carpet Cleaning Campbelltown, or for that matter anywhere in New South Wales, is not official regulated. Practically anyone, regardless of their training – or lack of it – can buy some chemicals and equipment, print up some leaflets offering to clean your carpets at a knock-down price, and try to learn the skills of the trade as they train themselves – on your carpet! They frequently trade through booking agencies, meaning that the person you make your appointment with will have no responsibility for the outcome of the service they are arranging for you.

That’s why it is essential that you use other means of assessing a steam cleaning service before you give them care of an asset in which you have many thousands of dollars invested. Remember – something that sounds too good to be true – it probably is! So before you book a carpet cleaner, remember; Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney:

  • Has been Carpet cleaning in Campbelltown since 2005.
  •  Offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Employs only professionally trained cleaners.
  • Has a solid track record of success…
  • Carries appropriate trade liability insurance.
  • Is affiliated to these professional bodies:
    o Jena Dyco – the international training ‘guild’ for carpet cleaners.
    o IICRC;
    o Australian Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Association;
    o ACCI
  • Uses only those solvents and other materials which are approved on health and environmental grounds.
  • Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney understands the value of your time. If we say we will be on the job by a certain time then, barring natural disasters, we will be there.
  • Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney does not over-promise – if a stain cannot be lifted, we will tell you at the outset.

And if it’s not clean, it’s free – that’s the Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney Promise!
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