Tile and Grout Cleaning

If Deep strength tile and grout cleaning is what you want to blast out the mould and discolouration then our high pressure and high heat cleaning method from our top of the line equipment could be exactly what you need.

before-and-after Tile & Grout Cleaning

If your tiles and grout look stained and dirty we can fix that.

sealed and protected Premium Quality Sealers

We can apply quality grade sealers to help protect the look of your tiles and grout.

professional equipment Professional Equipment

All of our equipment is top of the range to deliver much better cleaning results.

The big thing with the top of the line equipment we utilise is that the super heated steam that’s generated under extreme high pressure blasts into the tiny cracks and crevasses of your tiles and grout and it completely blasts out the dirt, grit, grime, germs and bacteria and many other nasties. Additionally we utilise a special device to suck up all the dirty water that get’s blasted out from the tiles and grout whichclean tiled floor get’s sucked into a waste tank sitting our in our vehicle outside your home.

For a much better clean of your tiles and grout call our Tile and Grout Cleaning division today on 0406 903 903 and it will be my absolute pleasure to organise a time and day that works best for you so we can come out and clean your tiles and grout.

Yes we clean kitchen tiles, your bathroom, shower, patio, around the pool, garage, large parking lots and driveways. The best part about our tile and grout cleaning is that we don’t dump dirty water down the drain, rather we dispose of it properly. Utilising powerful truck mounted equipment that delivers amazing cleaning power and waste storage we are quickly making a name for ourselves based on the results we deliver.

Call us today for a friendly chat on 0406 903 903 for your tile and grout cleaning.